Installation Steps

Manual Installation (Installing Magento 2 extension by copying code)


Step 1:


For Windows OS:


Go to <your Magento install dir>/app/code. Under that, create the folders using following hierarchy:







For Linux OS:


Enter the following commands keeping their order:


cd <your Magento install dir>/app/code


mkdir -p Biztech/ Translator



After this, find the Download Zip and extract all files and folders in Biztech/Translator.



Step 2:


After the successful installation you have to run the command on Magento2 root directory-“php bin/magento setup:upgrade”.


If you see blank page or permission error, go to Terminal (Linux)/ Command Prompt (Windows).


cd [magento root directory][var]


run the following command


$ chmod –R 777 *



Step 3:


After running the command, log into the admin panel and clear the Cache. Go to SYSTEM -> Tools (section) -> CACHE MANAGEMENT to clear the cache.



Step 4:


After successful installation, you can see the ‘AppJetty Language Translator’ under APPJETTY EXTENSIONS tab inside STORES -> CONFIGURATION.




Installation via Composer


Step 1:


Create a new folder on your preferable server path. Add Extension zip archive into the created folder.



Step 2:


Use Your SSH details to connect to your server. After connecting to the SSH, change your working directory path with one of your Magento setup path using below command.



Step 3:


Now you have to define the folder with the extension’s archive as a repository for composer reference. For this, run the Composer command:
composer config repositories.biztech artifact /ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_ZIP_Archive_FOLDER/


For Example:
composer config repositories.biztech artifact /Packages/Biztech/


After executing this command, it will automatically add Repository Details in composer.json file.



Step 4:


Perform the following command for installation of the module:
composer require biztech/translator



Step 5:


After successful installation using the above command, you can verify the module status using the below command:
php bin/magento module:status

You can check newly added module in the List of disabled modules.



Step 6:


Now you can upgrade your setup using below command.
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

It will enable the module and it should be doing the automated process required by Magento.



Step 7:


You can now compile the modules using below command:
php bin/magento setup:di:compile



Step 8:


In case you have to update our extension from a composer, you can use the below command:

composer update biztech/ translator
But before using that command, you should have placed the latest Extension zip archive into the /ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_ZIP_Archive_FOLDER/


After executing the above command your module is updated and now you just have to run the upgrade command same as step 6 and compile command same as step 7.



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