Mass Actions

From the Consignment Management, admin can easily perform following “Mass Actions”:



Change Shipping Methods


Click on ‘Action’ dropdown option, here admin can find ‘Change Shipping Methods’ option.


Admin can assign similar shipping methods to selected multiple orders.


By selecting the ‘Change Shipping Methods’, the dropdown list of shipping methods will appear. Now select the required Shipping Methods and click on Submit button, the shipping methods will be changed.



Mass Generate Shipments


When the Consignment is created, Admin will see a “Submit Consignment” button under the ‘Submit Consignment/Download Label’ column.


Using Mass Generate Shipment option, admin can select the multiple orders and generate their combine shipment.


Admin will get the below message after generating the shipments.



Mass Generate Labels


Using Mass Generate Label option, Admin can generate a combined label for the selected orders based on the shipping method which was selected by the user at the time of inserting the shipment details and the label layout.


Admin will get the pdf of combined label of the selected orders.


Note: To mass generate label you must install library in your site root directory using the below command:
composer require clegginabox/pdf-merger:dev-master



Remove from Current Manifest


Remove the consignment from the Current Manifest by clicking on ‘Remove from Current Manifest’ option.

Note: Admin can remove the order from the Current Manifest only if the Consignment is not dispatched yet.



Download Multiple Labels


Admin can download multiple Labels by selecting the orders in one pdf.



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