Points to Note

  • API key is a must define for automatically reflection of changes that takes place in Australia Delivery Post rates.
  • Merchant has to manually bind the three major attributes (properties) length, width, and height used in this extension with the relevant length, width and height that the admin has given to different products for their identification.
  • Units of measurement that has to be used in our extension are below:
    • Weight: Kg/grams as per configured by admin.
    • Length: cm
    • Height: cm
    • Width: cm
  • The admin can configure height, width and length of the attribute for Australia post method, if not set for product. In addition, the admin has to enter the relevant warehouse postcode to get the shipping rates for various destination locations, where the parcels have to be delivered.
  • Admin needs to compulsory define product’s weight for each product as it is required to get Australia Post services.
  • Go to Products -> Catalog and fill the value of weight, apart from height, width and length of the attribute, individually for each product.
  • If you select “yes”, for add Cover price, extension will consider cart subtotal price as for Extra Cover price.
  • If cart subtotal is greater than extra cover max value, it will consider max value, which is 5000, then it will consider max value of extra cover i.e. 5000.
  • To check Australia Post size and weight guidelines please follow guidelines from below URL. http://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/size-and-weight-guidelines.html
  • If the Bundle items that are set to ‘false’ are to ship separately from backed and if the weight is greater than 22KG it will not be displayed in the services list. (Not applicable for Contract Rates)
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