You can use check-in and check-out features in all activity


Check-In feature enables admin/user to keep track of exact time spent behind an activity.


With the help of check in/check out button, you can tag geo-coordinates of the location and time while starting and completing an activity.


    • To perform check in, click on check in icon available on the info card of an activity. [1]


Once checked in, it would show action button to check out. User can insert the Notes at the time of Check-Out.


User can Check-In or Check-Out from the map by clicking on the activity or from the detail view of activities by clicking on the title activity name.


When CRM Users (team members) check in or checkout any appointment, at that time the mail will be sent to the regarding record owner of that appointment. In the mail the record owner will get the Check-in and/or Checkout details. [2]


To check all the Check-Ins record, navigate to AppJetty tab -> Check Ins. It will list all the check in records. [3]


Check-in takes the address of the record regarding an activity and lets you perform check in only when address is found. The user will only be able to check in if they are in the check in radius as configured by the admin.


On map as well, you can plot check in entity and its corresponding view to have idea of all check ins.


User can add note and upload the attachment while checking out from the activity. You can check the Notes in the Check-Ins module within the Check-Out view from Note section. [4]


It will list all possible route and highlight the optimized route. Also, you can get directions based on means of transport like Driving, Walking and Transit. You can also share route in email using link.