Abandoned Carts




AppJetty Abandoned Checkouts of CommerceXpand provides the details of the pending and incomplete checkouts by the customers. The Shopify merchant can manage the ‘Abandoned Checkouts’ to recover the orders that are already added into the cart by the customers but somehow abandoned at checkouts.
Abandoned Checkouts provides the functionalities of the automated recovery mail scheduling and Email template design. The Shopify merchant can send the mail by selecting multiple records or send a recovery Email individually.


Benefits of Abandoned Checkout


-> Recovery Dashboard
Get the latest numbers of the Abandoned Carts, Sent Email & Recovery Carts

-> Email Template Design
Design the recovery mail to send the Email to the customers whose carts are abandoned

-> Auto Scheduling Recovery Mail
Setup emails to be sent out based on a certain time after a cart has been abandoned

-> Abandoned Checkouts Data table
Get the list of the Abandoned checkouts with the details of that missed orders

 -> Send Email reminder in Bulk
Send the abandoned cart email to the individual customers or send it to the multiple customers



– Shopify Admin Login.

– Shopify eCommerce Store’s link.

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