Customize Email

You can customize the email template with a Live preview of the email design, and the ‘Send test Email’ option is provided to check how the email will look.


From the left, you can edit & design the content of the email and from the right, you will get the ‘Live Preview’ as you have designed the email template.


Add the ‘logo’ and insert the relevant ‘Subject’.


You can also insert the ‘template variables’ to get the details/records of the customers. The variables fill in specific content elements related to the customer details. Here, you can use the following template variables:

-> {%-customer_name-%}      -> {%-customer_email-%}
-> {%-checkout_url-%}           -> {%-shop_name-%}


By clicking on the Save button, the template will be saved as you have designed.


By clicking on the Send Test Email button, you can check the Test Email on the inserted Email Id to get the Test Email to check how it looks if you send the final Mail to the customers of their abandoned carts.


In this way, Abandoned Checkout will help the Shopify merchants to increase the sales from carts that are abandoned and complete the checkout process by the customers.

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