MappyField 365 Overview Dashboard

You will get the MappyField 365 Overview Dashboard with following dashlets:

> Activity Planner    > Schedule    > Todays Follow-up Cases By Priority       > Top 10 Opportunities


  • Activities Planner: It displays activities like Task, Appointment, Service Activity of current month in map related to activities related to account/customer. [1]


  • Schedule: It displays all saved auto scheduled routes with date filter. By default, you can see the schedule route as per the current. Users filter is only available for admin users. [2]


  • Today’s Follow Up Cases by Priority: It displays all the cases that are to be followed upon for the current day. [3]


  • Top 10 Opportunities: It plots top 10 opportunities based on revenue. Opportunities shown are bifurcated based on their stages like Qualify, Develop, Propose. [4]
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