MappyField 365 Sales Activity Dashboard

By clicking on MappyField 365 Sales Activity Dashboard, you will get the Dashboard of Sales Activities with following dashlets:


Lead By Source                  > Open Leads                     > Sales Pipeline                 > Top 10 Invoices


  • Leads by Source: It will display all open leads based on their source creation. It can be an Advertisement, Employee Referral, External Referral, Partner, Public Relations, Seminar, Trade Show, Web, Word of Mouth and Other. [1]


  • Open leads: It will display all open leads for the current month. [2]


  • Sales Pipeline: It will display all open opportunities based on the revenue. Opportunities shown are bifurcated based on their stages like Qualify, Develop, Propose. [3]


  • Top 10 Invoices: It will display Top 10 Invoices with respect to total amount of the invoice.
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