Announcement Bar



Informing the customers/visitors with a display bar on the web store is a simple and significant way to share any updates regarding any upcoming Sales, Product Launch, Coupon code, and Free Shipping banners. It is one of the ways to reach the global market and increase sales.


Shopify CommerceXpand- “Announcement Bar” app will enable a bar (or a banner) to the Web store regarding any offers, free shipping offers, or any promotional coupon code. “Announcement Bar” will help to configure the Bar to display in the store.


The Shopify merchant can customize the Announcement bar appearance within a few clicks. Display the Bar in the cart as per the Free Shipping Rate Rules configured from the Shopify shipping rates settings. So, you can display the Announcement bar as per the GeoLocation.


Key Points of Announcement Bar


-> Configure and customize an Announcement Bar within a minute


-> Easy to customize the bar to fit your store style to engage customers even more


-> Options to set the Bar location on the store to avoid overlapping the store content & images


-> Set up and display the progressive Free Shipping bar with updated cart goals


-> Real-Time preview once you set up the Bar


-> Manage the Bars from the list




-> Shopify Admin Login.

-> Shopify eCommerce Store’s link.

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