Manage Translation

Go to AppJetty Translator -> Manage Translation to translate some of the content/strings by searching. [1]



> Search String & Translate


Enter any string you want to translate in the search box. [2] Click on the ‘Edit’ option of the string you want to Translate and translate into any of the Languages that you want.


Once it gets translated, that translated string is shown within the string section from where you can again edit the translated string. [3]



> Translate Category in a Mass to any of the languages


Select categories that you want to translate. Select the translated language and that category will be translated in all store views. [4]



> Module Static Data Translate


By clicking on the “Module Static Data Translate”, the admin can translate the static data that is added for the modules. [5]


You need to select the options to translate the specific modules: [6]


Modules: Select the required modules from the drop-down list.


Store: Select the store for which you want to translate.


Translate to: Select the language to translate to.