Manage Offers

You can display ongoing and exciting offers to customers in the mobile app. You can create offer banners by navigating to the Mage Mob App Builder → Manage Offers.


You will be redirected to the list of the offers where you can see the details like ID, Title, Offer Thumbnail, Status, Sort Order, and Action in tabular format.


You can edit the existing offer if you want to make any changes to it. You can add a new offer as per requirement.


By clicking on the New Offer, you will be redirected to the “New Offer” page where you need to configure the following details for the Offer:


Offer Title: Insert the relevant name of the offer that will be displayed as the offer title.


Store Views: Select the store(s) on which you want to display the offer.


Choose File: Upload any designed image file to display the offer.


Status: Enable/Disable the status as per requirement.


Type: Select the redirection when the users press on the banner from the mobile app. You will have three types for offer banner redirection:


Category: Select the specific category from the ‘Choose Category’ drop-down list for the offer. The users will get redirection to the product listing page of that category when they click on the offer banner.


Product: Select the specific product from the ‘Choose Product’ drop-down list for the offer. The users will get the redirection to the product detail page when they click on the offer banner.


Offer: Insert the URL for the offer and the users will get redirection to the web view (In-app browser view) where the URL will be loaded when the users click on the offer banner.


Sort Order: Insert the position (number) of the category to display on the Offers page in the mobile app.


After configuring the details, click on the Save button to save the offer banner.


Note: To enable the ‘Offers’ tab and display the offer banners in the mobile app, you must select the Offers at Bottom Navigation configuration from the “Manage Configuration” (Store-level configuration).


If you have selected the Offers module from the “Bottom Navigation Modules”, only then the users will see the “Offers” tab and different offers based on the Store selection from the offers configuration page.