Appointment Booking

Your customer can book the appointment from here, which will be directly visible on the Dynamics calendar. 


Your customer has to select the date & time of appointment and click on the Book Appointment button. 


After clicking the button, fill in the following details: 


– First Name & Last Name: Insert the first and last name to book the appointment. 


– Subject: Insert the subject of the meeting. 


– Email: Insert the Email. 


– Meeting Preference: Select the option from Google Meet and Microsoft Teams where you would like to join the meeting. 


– Company Name: Insert the name of the company. 


– Phone: Insert the phone number. 


– Your Message: Enter the message you want to convey for the meeting. 


After inserting the information, click on the “Book Appointment” button, and your customer has successfully booked an appointment with you or your support agent. 


Your customers can add it to their Google or Outlook Calendar by clicking on the “Add to Calendar” button.


Your customer can print or download (ics file) the appointment by clicking on the respective icons shown in the below image. 


Your customer also has an option to Reschedule, Cancel, and Book a new appointment

Reschedule Appointment


Click on the Reschedule appointment and click on the Confirm button. 


Once your customer confirms the rescheduling, they will get the Date, Time, and Appointment Details option to change the detail or reschedule the timings of an appointment. 


Now you can see the Rescheduled date of an appointment from 4th August to 5th August

Book a new appointment 


By clicking on the Book a new appointment button, your customers can create a new appointment as shown in the above process. 

Cancel Appointment


Your customer can also cancel the appointment by clicking on the Cancel appointment and Confirm button.


Upcoming Schedule


Your customers can also check their upcoming appointments by inserting their email address. 


By clicking the history icon they can view the entity appointment history in 3 parts i.e. Upcoming Appointments, Future Appointments, and Past Appointments


– Upcoming Appointments: As the name itself suggests, here they will get the appointment details less then 7 days of actual date of appointment. 

– Future Appointments: In this section, you will get the appointment details followed by 7 days of an actual date. 

– Past Appointments: In this section, you will get the past appointment details. 


By clicking on the More Info they will get the basic information of an appointment. 


 Here customer only has Add to Calendar, Download Ics, Reschedule, and Cancel Appointment options.


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