Check Booking Appointment

Once your customers book the appointments, you can view them in your calendar. 


By hovering on it, you can view the basic details of the appointment as per the configuration. 


By clicking on the appointment, you can view its details and you will have an option to Reschedule, Re-assign, and Cancel the appointment.  




Click on the Reschedule icon and fill in the required details. 


After change, the date of an appointment click on the Reschedule and the appointment will be rescheduled with your customer. 




Click on the Reassign/Cancel icon and select the Reassign option. 


Select the person you want to assign this appointment to, insert the reason to reassign the appointment, and click on the Submit button. 




Click on the Re-assign/Cancel icon and select the Cancel option. 


Insert the reason to cancel the appointment and click on the Submit button.

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