Back in Stock Alert



When you are running out of stock it means you are losing the customers, & business. Back in Stock Alert makes it easy for customers to be notified when the stock is available.

The ‘Back in Stock Alert’ is one of the all-in-one apps of AppJetty CommerceXpand that sends your customer alerts when their chosen products are back in stock and brings them back to your store to complete the purchase. The admin can customize the “Back in Stock Alert (Notify Me)” appearance on the Product page and configure the Email templates with auto-sending alerts when the product is back in stock.


Benefits of Back in Stock Alerts


-> Enable Auto Email
Enable the Auto mailing alert when the product is back in stock

-> Fully customization Notify me
Customize the Notify Me button appearance, its position on the product page, and how to display the notify form

-> Email Design
Design the Email content to send the Back in stock alert to the customers

-> Back in Stock Analytics
Get the total number of records of the subscribers, subscribed products & Sent Emails

-> Upgrade your sales
Subscribers’ list gives you the perfect opportunity to understand the customers’ demands & product variants requirement




– Shopify Admin Login.

– Shopify eCommerce Store’s link.

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