Email Template settings

You can customize the Email template with ‘Live preview’ of email design and the ‘Send Test Email’ option is provided to check how the email will look.

You need to configure the following content to create an Email Template:


Email Settings

Subject: Insert the mail subject that will be displayed in the Email when the customers get it.

From Email Address: Insert Email address from where the reminder mail will be sent.


Template Background

Template Background Color: Choose the Template background color using the color picker tool.

Logo: Insert the logo (cover image) to display in the Email.



Heading Color: Choose the Text color of the header content using the color picker tool.

Heading Text: Insert the relevant matter for the header. You can use the variables as well.



Content Text Color: Choose the color for the content of the body part using the color picker tool.

Content Link Color: Choose the color of the link if you have added it.

Content Text: Insert the content of the Email matter.


CTA (Call To Action)

CTA Text Color: Choose the text color for the CTA (button) using the color picker tool.

CTA Background Color: Choose the background color of the CTA (button).

CTA Text: Insert the Text label.



Footer Text Color: Choose the text color for the Footer.

Footer Link Color: Choose the link color if you have added it.

Footer Text: Insert the content for the Footer.


After configuring the Email content settings, click on the Save button to save the Email as a template.

By clicking on the Send Test Email button, you can test the mail to check how the content would look like.

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