By clicking on the “Back In Stock Alert”, you will be navigated to the Dashboard page, from here you can see the analytics regarding Back In Stock details. You will get the records of Dashboard analytics based on the Dates selection.


Total Subscriptions: It shows how many subscribers have opted for notifications for product availability. Here the 6 records are displayed, which means that many customers have asked for the product availability.

Total Subscribers: It shows the total no. of customers who ask for the product availability by inserting the contact details (Email) in the Notify Me subscription form.

Sent Emails: It shows how many notifying Emails are sent to the customers who subscribe for the product availability.

Total Subscribed Products: It shows how many products are subscribed by the customers.


Date Filter


Based on the date filter, you will get the analytics for the Back in Stock records. You can check the analytics by filtering the dates, Last 7 days, Last month, or selecting custom dates.

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