Block Visitors

You can block the unwanted users or traffic to your store by entering the IP address(es) manually or selecting the country from the Country List.


– Enable Visitor Blocking: Enable this option to block the users to your store.


– Countries Blacklist: You can block unwanted users or traffic from any country. Select the country(s) to blacklist and not allow to access your Website.


– IP Address Blacklist: You can also block unwanted users or traffic by inserting the IP address(es) manually.


Note: You need to insert a single IP Address per line.


Select page view for the blocked visitors: To block visitors, you can display the Pop-up message or redirect to the specific page by selecting the Redirect URL option.


You need to insert just the URL path of the store to redirect the customer to that page. If you have selected the ‘Popup message’, you need to insert the popup title and message.


After inserting & selecting the required details for “Geolocation Configuration,” click on the Save Config button. After saving the Geolocation Configuration, you need to set up for the Store & Currency under the Manage Rules.