MaxMind Geolocation Configuration

Activation & MaxMind Geolocation Configuration


After activation, navigate to the configuration option from Geolocation Redirect -> Geolocation Configuration.


Activation: Select Yes to enable activation of the Geolocation.


MaxMind Geolocation License Key: Please enter the MaxMind license key details to get the Geographical location of the user when they visit your web store.


Note: If you do not have the license key then please sign up from here, after signing up you will get mail from the MaxMind, in the mail, you will get the link. Click on the link to further create a password for the login, the username will be the same as the registered email address used to sign up. To get the license key now, navigate to your account section on left and click My License Key.


Download the Geolocation Data: Click on this button to get the Geolocation Database.


Download Automatic MaxMind Geolocation Database: Enable this option to download the MaxMind Geolocation Database automatically.

Note: To enable the automatic download option for MaxMind Geolocation Database, you must have set the ‘CRON schedule’ with the ‘Time’.


Cron Schedule: You can schedule the Cron Daily / Weekly / Monthly basis as per your need. You can see the last synced detail of the Cron.


Start Time [HH:MM:SS]: Insert the time when do you want to download the Geolocation Database.


Delete Old Database: By enabling this option, your database will delete quarterly.