Popup on Switching Store

You can configure the popup to display when the customers switch the store.


Prompt user to ask for switching store and currency: By selecting Yes to this option, the user will get the popup to switch store and currency as per the geolocation detected.

Note: If you have selected No, this option will be disabled, and the store & currency will switch automatically as per the geolocation detected.


You can add Popup Title, Message (Content), Redirection Button Text.


Popup Title: Insert a Popup Title i.e. ‘Auto Store Switching’.


Popup Message: Insert an instructive message to redirect to another store.


Popup Redirect button text: Insert a text caption of the redirection button.



> Popup Style Preview:


Select Popup Style: Select the ‘Popup Style’ to display the customers when they switch the store. The Popup preview is also provided to select the popup as per your choice.


By clicking on Configure Style 1, a “Style 1” popup redirect will be selected.