Backend Configuration

Image Download with Watermark
BYI designer tool lets your customers download an image of their product designs. You can set a ‘watermark’ option for all downloadable images.
To set the ‘Custom Product Image Download’ with watermark configuration, go to Stores → Configuration → Custom Product Image Upload.

Download Customized Product Image: To enable design download option for tool users.

Watermark Type:
By selecting the watermark, choose the available options to set watermark as:
~Image Watermark: Choose and Upload an image that you want to add as a watermark in the downloaded customized product image. The image must be in png format.
~Delete Image: To delete the previously uploaded watermark image, check this checkbox.

Text Watermark:
Enter the text to be displayed as a watermark in the downloaded customized product image and click on ‘Create Watermark Image’ to create a watermark image.

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