Bulk Product Editor




Sometimes managing an eCommerce store is time-consuming when it comes to editing and modifying the product details for multiple products. Bulk Product Editor is one of the all-in-one apps of AppJetty CommerceXpand. It will allow Shopify merchants to change absolutely all required product attributes and product variants by inserting the custom condition to filter the specific products. Using this app, the Shopify merchant can schedule the bulk editing process for the specific products. Revert (undo) the product details as per previous details in real-time.


Benefits of Bulk Product Editor


-> Search specific products
Set the conditions as per the product attributes & parameters to filter and get the specific products

-> Schedule Bulk Editing tasks
Schedule the Bulk Editing tasks to run later by selecting the date & time

-> Full control over Bulk editing
Preview the condition based products, set the parameters to update the products, and check the real-time status

-> Revert Changes
Undo the Bulk editing manually or set the end time to revert the product details changes. i.e., Product price




– Shopify Admin Login.

– Shopify eCommerce Store’s link.


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