Step-1: Select the attribute & its value

Select the “Inventory” as the main attribute and select the conditional attributes and the values to filter the products.

After setting the conditions, click on the “Preview matched products” to get the products.


Step-2: Preview Products as per the Conditions

After clicking on the “Preview matched products”, you will get the listing of the products with their details.

By clicking on Next > button, you can edit and update the product inventory for the matching products.


Step-3: Edit Matching Products

Here you can edit and update the matching products as per the condition you set in Step-1.

Suppose you want to add the stock of the matched products, select the “Increase” and no. of the stocks you want to add. If the inventory has more than one location, select the specific location from the “Inventory Location” drop-down list.


View Tasks

Once the editing process is completed, you will get the latest inventory with updated details. You cannot undo (revert) the Product inventory.

You can undo (revert) the Product inventory at any time when you want.


In this way, you can update the product details by selecting the update of the required attributes in bulk.



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