View Tasks

By clicking on the Start Bulk Editing Now button from Step-3, the matched product editing process will be started. Once the bulk editing process is started, you will navigate to the “View Tasks” page from where you can check all the bulk edited tasks.


From the ‘option’ icon, you can ‘Refresh’ the status. You can stop the process by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ option.

Note: If you have disabled the Schedule Bulk Editing option from the “Home” page, you can schedule the Bulk editing tasks but the process will not start to edit & update the details until you enable the “Schedule Bulk Editing” option.

Once the bulk editing process is completed you will get the status as ‘Done’.


You can change the attribute from the top-right corner and check the Bulk edited products with the details like conditions and editing as per the attribute selection.

From the ‘option’ icon, you can check the ‘Detail’ of the edited products. You will navigate to the Edited Products page where you can compare the Old Data and New Data of the products.


Once the bulk editing process is completed, the updated details of the products will be reflected live. It means the product details in the ‘Shopify backend’ & on the ‘Store’ will reflect as per the bulk editing.


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