Additional Settings

– You can configure the additional settings related to the activities as below:


– Team: By enabling the “Team”, you can display the “Team” resources of the default CRM under the ‘Resource’ tab of the Resource Calendar.


– Business Unit: By enabling the “Business Unit”, you can display the “Business Unit” resources of the default CRM under the ‘Resource’ tab of the Resource Calendar.


– Enable Email: You can enable the ‘Email’ option to send an Email to the Required/Optional attendees when the activity is created. Enable the switch to enable the Email facility. When the users add the appointment activity, the Email will be sent to the selected Required/Optional attendees (CRM Users/Teams).


– Quick Create Form: You can enable this option to create an activity by navigating the CRM Backend page (CRM From view). You will need to select the activity first and for inserting the details, the CRM Form view will open.


– Conflict Management: To get alerts for conflicting activities based on time, check the Active box to enable conflict management in the calendar. On enabling conflict management, you get an alert message for each activity.


– Unscheduled Activities: To manage the unscheduled activities, check the Active box. By default, it is disabled. By enabling the Unscheduled Activities option, you get to manage unscheduled appointments and service activities without required attendees and assigned resources respectively from the calendar.




– Workload Report: You can enable the “Workload Report” in the calendar to check and filter the activities as per the time duration and select the Users/Teams. Enable the switch to enable the Workload Report in the calendar view.


After configuring the “Additonal Settings”, click on the Save button to apply the changes to the activity calendars.

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