Entity Calendar

 You will have the Entity Calendar to get the entity-specific activity records in the calendar.


Structure Configuration 


Configure the default view of the Entity calendar under the ‘Views’ section. By configuring the individual setups/options, you can define the view of the Entity Calendar.


You can configure the following settings:

– Calendar Representation: You can set any of the Default Calendar View of the calendar from the following:

Gantt View > Top Down View > Timeline View > Agenda View


– Time Scale Representation: You can set the default Time Scale Representation of the calendar from the following:

> Day > Week > Month

– Time Format: Select the time format to display on Calendar. Select 12 Hour Format or 24 Hour Format.

– Weekend: Checkmark this option to display the weekends to the calendar. Keep it disabled if you want to display the 5-Day calendar.

– Set Custom Number of Days: Select the number of days in which you would like to view the calendar from the Day Span View.

– Calendar Title Format: Select the format to display on Calendar. The format that you select here will be displayed when you select Day, Day Span, and Week view for Calendar.

– Upcoming Events Duration: You can select the default time span for the upcoming events to be shown in the calendar. You can select any of the default views for ‘Upcoming Events’ from the Day, Week, or Month.


Time Allotment Configuration

– Slot Duration: Select the slot durations for Day views from 15, 30, 45, and 60 Minutes.

– Minimum/Maximum Duration: You can set the minimum/maximum time for the Calendar Time block in the Day / Week view. You can define the duration of availability or the Working Timings default.
By default, for Minimum value is 00:00 and the Maximum value is 24:00. You can insert the availability hours of the day here.


Plug In


– Quick Create Form: You can enable this option to create an activity by navigating the CRM Backend page (CRM From view). You will need to select the activity first and for inserting the details, the CRM Form view will open.


Auto Refresh 


You can now set up your map to Auto Refresh, without refreshing it manually. Navigate to the Auto Refresh section and configure the following details. 


– Auto Refresh: Enable this option to refresh the resource and customer calendars. 


– Set a Duration: Set the number of minutes you want to auto refresh the calendar. 

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