User wise Calendar 365 Configuration

When any role is assigned to the CRM users like AppJetty Calendar 365/AppJetty Calendar 365 Administrator or System Administrator role, you can configure the Calendar 365 users’ role details and accessibility.


To manage and configure the user-specific role, click on the User Calendar Configuration from the Calendar 365 navigation panel (left panel).


By navigating to User Calendar Configuration, it would show the list of all the users with Calendar 365 or System Administrator role.


Note: These configurations are user-based configurations, and they will be set as default. When the specific users open the calendar, they will get the calendar view and activity-related details as it set from the User Calendar Configuration.


By clicking on any user, you can configure the user’s default calendar view and activity-related details.


You will find the “Calendar 365 Configuration” from the details page of the user. You will find the General Settings and Activities configurations under the Calendar 365 Configuration.


You can configure the Calendar Settings, Additional Settings, Notifications, Working Hours Booking Link, and Set Primary Preferences individually for the specific users. You can decide the functionalities and views that you allow the users to access.


The Calendar Settings, Additional Settings, and Notifications are as same as the main Calendar Configuration. But some of the configurations are provided at the user level only and you can find those settings under the “Additional Settings”:


– Create Activity: Allow users to create an activity or not. By clicking on the switch, you can enable/disable this option.

– Drag and Drop Activity: You can drag and drop the activity to modify the details like scheduled date, change the user for the activity, etc. So, you will not require to open activity manually. By clicking on the switch, you can enable/disable this option.


Note: Only the admin users can drag and drop the activity. While normal CRM users can see the drag and drop option, but they will have no right to access them.


Working Hours Booking Link


In this section, you can set the time slots of appointments for your customers on daily basis. Checkmark the day and insert the time slots as per requirement. 


You can add the new time slot by clicking on the “+” icon. 

You can also Delete the time slot by clicking on the “Delete” icon. 

In the same way, you can configure the time slots for each day.


Set Primary Preferences


– Scheduling Interval: Set the interval time for slots. 

– Time Zone Presets: Set the time zone. 

– Booking Notice: Set the duration in which you want to remove the slots for appointments until that duration. 

– Cancellation & Reschedules: Set the duration before which you do not want to give the Cancellation and Rescheduling option. 

The remaining setting is as same as the main calendar configuration. After configuring the user-wise calendar settings, click on the Save button to apply the changes for that specific user.


You can also configure the activities at the user level. Here, activities related to all the configurations and settings will be as same as the main Calendar 365 configurations.


After configuring the user-wise “Activities”, click on the Save button to apply the changes for that specific user.


If “Enable User Configuration” is enabled


If this feature is enabled from the Setup then the calendar configuration of the logged-in user will be applied to the calendar. 


Also, you do not need to add the user manually once you enable this feature. After enabling “Enable User Configuration”, you will get the Configuration All Users button at the top. Once you click on this button, new users will be added without manual work. 


Note: Only those users with the Calendar Appjetty normal or administrator role can be added. 


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