About Dynamics Calendar 365



Calendar 365 from AppJetty is a calendar solution for Dynamics CRM. This solution by AppJetty helps you to manage your activities. It also lets you create and manage your own desired activities through Custom Activities.


With this plugin Admin User can manage the activities and the tasks in two different calendars namely Resource Calendars for the users and the Customer calendar for the customers (clients).


Apart from managing activities, you can view holidays of the country specified by the admin. Later, if the activity related actions are performed, you can Complete or Cancel the activities.





Following steps must be followed before starting the Plugin installation:


First, you should be logged into Dynamics CRM Online.



New changes


As per the latest version of Calendar 365, the following topics are updated or newly added:


– Holidays – Import CSV file for the Holidays


– Activity View Redirection – Configuration for direct CRM redirection for activity.


– Quick Create Form – Open CRM Backend page (CRM Form view) while creating a new activity.


– Configure Languages – Download Calendar 365 messages (content) in CSV and after adding translation for the messages in a specific language, import it.


– User wise Calendar Configurations for System Administrator or AppJetty Calendar 365 / AppJetty Calendar 365 Administrator Role.


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