Create a Custom Activity

To create a Custom Activity, click on ‘Configuration’ icon.


Click on ‘Custom Activity’ tab under ‘Activities’ section.


Now click on the ‘Configure New Activity’ button to create a custom activity.


Thereafter, following fields will appear under ‘Custom Activity’ tab:


Select required ‘custom’ activity from the drop-down list of Entity.


Read Only: If you tick the checkbox ‘Read Only’, no one will be able to edit the custom activity except for admin.


As you click on Save button, you will get a popup message of activity successfully added.


You can ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ the Custom activities you have created.


If the custom activity is not selected as Read Only, any of the users can edit and perform the action for custom activity.


If the custom activity is selected as Read Only, the users cannot edit and perform any action for the custom activity.




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