Create an Activity

To create activities, click on the date on the calendar that you want to add the Activity to.


As you click on the Date, ‘Create Activity’ popup will be appeared on your screen:


Activity: Select the type of activity you want to create.


Subject: Enter the subject of the activity.


Regarding: Mention the Account, Contact, or any other record with which activity is concerned.


Clicking on Search icon in the ‘Regarding’ text area, “Lookup Record” dialog opens from where user can select the record for activity.


Select any Account, Contact or any other record which is required in Activity. After selecting from the list, click on Add The selected record will be displayed on ‘Regarding’ text filed.


Selected record can be seen in Regarding edit box.


Start Time: Set the Start Date and Time of the activity.


End Time: Set the End Date and Time of the activity.


Priority: Set the priority of the activity. Priority can be High, Normal, or Low.


Description: Enter the description of the activity.


Owner: Displays name of the owner who created the activity.



After pressing Create button, if there is no error, a confirmation message will be highlighted on your screen.


Now you can view the added activity in your calendar.



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