Recurring Appointment

To create recurring appointment, select activity type as ‘Recurring Appointment’.


After Inserting all the required details. Click on Set Recurrence button to set recurring details.


By clicking on ‘Set Recurrence’ button, the pop-up named Set Recurrence will appear.


Insert the details as below:


Appointment Time: Select Start/End Time


Recurrence Pattern: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly


Daily: Select day intervals or select weekdays.


Weekly: Insert week(s) on selecting Days.


Monthly: Insert Date of every month or select interval of days/week/weekends.


Yearly: Select Month with a date or select interval of days/weeks/weekends by selecting a month.



Range of Recurrence:


Start Range: Select starting date


End Rage: Insert the ‘number of occurrences’ when it will end or ‘End by’ selecting a particular ‘date’ or selecting ‘No End Date’ if the ending date is not defined.



After inserting and selecting all the details, click on Set button to save recurrence and then click on Create button to complete the recurring appointment creation.


Now you can see the recurring activities in the calendar as per Set Recurrence details.



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