View & Manage Activity

To view detail of any activity, simply click on activity.


Clicking on the activity, the detail dialog box contains all those fields and actions buttons that are enabled from the ‘Configurations’ page will appear.


User can perform multiple actions like View Record, Edit the activity, & Delete the activity.


By clicking on the More Options (Three Dot) icon, you will get additional options like Add/View Record, Copy activity, Share activity, Reassign activity to other user, Mark as Complete, Mark as Cancel, Convert to Opportunity, & Convert to Case. 


From this Activity Detail dialog box, you can perform resultant action for the activity.


You can perform actions:


Convert to opportunity


Convert to case


Convert to lead’ (Only for email activity)


For ending the activity, you can perform action like Mark as complete, Close campaign activity (Only for campaign activity), End series (Only for recurring appointment).



View Note


Click on ‘Note’ icon to view and add any notes.


By clicking on ‘Notes’ icon, you can check the details of added notes for this activity.


You can attach the file if required.


Note: All the CRM users can check and add notes.




Edit Activity


Click on ‘Edit’ icon to edit any created activity.


On clicking edit icon, it opens activity details in edit view.


Update or change the details and then click on Update button to save changes to the activity.



Copy Activity


Click on copy activity icon, to copy activity details. Clicking on copy icon you can edit all the details if required.


Click on Create button to complete the activity creation. If you don’t edit and save it as it is, it would create a duplicate of the activity.



Share Activity


If activity is to be shared to other users via email, click on share icon available in the activity detail pop up.


Clicking on icon, it redirects to CRM page to email the activity details.


Re-assigning Activity


To reassign activity, click on activity. It opens a dialog box. Click on icon.


Select the user or team from look up records box to which the activity is to be reassigned.


Note: To reassign any activity to any user or team, they should have roles defined or else it will prompt error message.



View Activity


Clicking on ‘View’ icon, the activity record will be shown on CRM page with all the details.


Delete Activity


Clicking on ‘Delete’ icon, the activity can be deleted from the Calendar page permanently.


Clicking on Delete icon, a warning pop up message will appear to confirm the action.



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