Entity Calendar

By clicking on the “Entity Calendar”, you will check the entity records on the calendar as you have configured under the “Entity calendar” from the Calendar setup.


From the left navigation, by clicking on the “Entity Calendar” dropdown, you will get the list of Entities that you have configured.


Once you select the “Entity”, the “Lookup Records” side window will open to select the CRM records.


Click on the ‘search’ icon (magnifying glass) from the Lookup Records to get the CRM records for the selected entity to display the entity records.


You can select the multiple CRM records that are required to get their activity records. You can also expand the Lookup Records with more search options by clicking on the “Advance lookup”.


After selecting the CRM records from the list, click on the Add button. 


The selected records will be displayed in the Filter dropdown. The entity records will be displayed for the selected CRM records on the calendar.


As per entity attribute selection, you will get the values for the selected entity, and based on that the CRM activity records will be displayed on the calendar.


You can also filter the data on the calendar by selecting its status i.e. Active and Inactive. 


You can save the entity calendar for your future use, and it can be shared with your team members as well.

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