Follow Up Appointment

You can create follow-up meetings when you want to discuss recurring topics or previous meeting topics that were not closed in an earlier meeting. 


There are two ways you can create follow-up appointments – All Appointments, and Inside Appointments. 


All Appointments


Once you click on the Follow Up Icon, you will get the list of “All Appointments”. You can filter the appointments by entering the Start & End Date. You can also search the appointments. 

To create a follow-up appointment, click on the “+” button of the particular appointment. 

Once you have clicked on the button, Create Follow-Up pop up will open up where you have to fill in the information. 

After filling in the information, click on the Create button.

When the user clicks on the Appointment, it will get all the information related to the following appointment.

Inside Appointment


You can also create a follow-up meeting by clicking on the particular appointment.

Click on the Follow-up Appointment icon, fill in the appointment details and click on the Create button. You can also view the parent appointment details by clicking on the “Parent Appointment” link. 

Once the follow-up is created, it will be listed under the respective appointment on the calendar. 


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