Gantt View

Gantt view is used for viewing what activity is scheduled to be done at a specific day/time. Gantt view is a horizontal bar chart that visually represents an activity or task with the start and end dates.


Gantt view in which you can view the Resources or Customers in top down manner and date range in a horizontal display. Here resources can be Team/User & Facilities/Equipment and customers can be Accounts, Contacts, and are displayed based on your selection of calendar view.


In Gantt view, you can also view all or individual Events (Activities) along with its details like Name of the event, Start date, End date and resource name (As configured to view from the configurations page).


In addition, you can view the calendar in Gantt View as per the Day, Day Span, Week or Month format.



Day View:


You can see the activities for the day in the Gantt view.



Day Span View:


You can view the calendar as per the configured Number Of Days from default configurations in Gantt View.



Week View:


You can see the activities for the week in the Gantt View.



Month View:


You can see the activities for the month in the Gantt View.



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