Create Entity Records

To create records, navigate to the Entity Calendar and click on the date on the calendar that you want to add the record to.


As you click on the date, a “Create Record” popup will appear on your screen.


You need to select the required record from the list. You will get the list of the entity fields as enabled from the calendar configuration (Form Attributes).

Account Name: Enter the account name.


Account Number: Enter the account number. 


Category: Select the category of the record. 


Description: Enter the description as per your requirement. 


Email: Enter the email address of the record. 


Industry: Select the industry of the record. 


Main Phone: Enter the main phone number of the record. 


Number of Employees: Enter the number of employees. 


Owner: Owner (Current log in user) will be pre-filled in the record or you can also search for other owners as per your requirement.


You can search the owner’s name as per your requirement and add to the record.


If you are not getting the user then you can open the Advanced Lookup. 


Website: Insert the website of the record. 


After entering the information, click on the Create button, if all the information is correct then it will be created on your calendar. 


Now you can view the added record on the calendar. 


You can also view the detail of the created record by hovering the mouse over the record. You can also change the field in the detail view as per your requirement from the calendar configuration.


Note: You can only display upto ten fields in the detail view.


Quick Create Activity (CRM Form)


If you have enabled Quick Create Form option from Calendar Configuration ➤ Advanced Settings, you will get the CRM backend view (CRM Form View) to create the activity.


After inserting and selecting the required details, the activity will be created. 


Edit Record

Click on ‘Edit’ icon to edit any created activity.


On clicking edit icon, it opens activity details in edit view.


Update or change the details and then click on Update button to save changes to the activity.


Copy Record


Click on copy event icon, to copy activity details. Clicking on copy icon you can edit all the details if required.


Click on Create button to create a duplicate of the record.


View Record


Clicking on the ‘View’ icon, the record will be shown on CRM page with all the details.

Delete Records


Clicking on ‘Delete’ icon, the activity can be deleted from the Calendar page permanently.


Clicking on Delete icon, a warning pop up message will appear to confirm the action.

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