Save and Share Calendar Views

You can also Save and Share any calendar view in Resource Calendar and Customer Calendar for future reference.


Left panel Settings like selected resources, selected calendar view as well as, activities, selected status, priority, weekends and holidays get saved on saving view.


You can save the calendar view on resource selection. If certain calendar settings are saved for user resource type, that calendar view will not be available to accounts or contacts.


To save a view, click on ‘Save’ icon available on the left side of the calendar.


After you click on ‘Save’ icon, a dialog box opens, where you need to define the calendar view. Along with naming, you can define if it’s public or private.


By default, ‘Is Public’ check box is checked. If calendar is public, it is visible to all CRM users with AppJetty Calendar role under shared calendars section.


Click on ‘Save’ button to save the calendar view.


On the header, the ‘Calendar View name’ will be appeared in left side.


You can see the list of Saved Calendars from the drop-down list of Calendar name.


By click on any saved Calendar name, you can check that Calendar view.



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