View Saved Calendar list

Users can access saved calendar views by clicking on right icon that indicates the View Calendars.


After you click on that icon, a dialog box opens with dropdown named “Calendar Views” to check and edit the Calendars from the list.


Under the Calendar type, the user can check the ‘Saved Calendars’ and ‘Shared Calendars’ by other users/teams.


‘Saved calendars’ are the one which you have created and saved while ‘shared calendars’ are the one that are shared with you by other users or the calendars that are made public by other users.


Based on Calendar Type selection, you get list of calendars.


From the Saved Calendars list, you can see the View name with their actions. You can select a default calendar by pressing + icon.


For saved calendar and being the owner of that calendar, you can View, Edit, Delete and Share calendar. ‘Share’ option is available only when calendar is private (should not select as ‘Is Public’).


Also, different actions are available only when you are the owner of the calendar, else it just shows the preview icon.


Clicking on edit calendar, particular saved calendar opens so as to edit it as required and along with that shows update calendar view icon to update calendar.



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