General Configuration

Go to STORES -> SALES -> Shipping Methods Here you can see AppJetty Australia Post Shipping.


Note: Because of the ‘Store Pickup’ available, now onwards the Shipping Methods referred to as Delivery Methods in the 2.4 editions of the Magento2.


In this tab, you can set basic configurations of Australia Post Shipping Extension. Here is the detailed description of the configuration.


Enabled: Select ‘Yes’ to enable the Australia Post Shipping extension. The extension is disabled by default. By enabling the extension, you can see new shipping methods in checkout process.


Use Contract Rates: Select ‘Yes’ to use the Contract Service Rates in the shipping methods during the checkout process.


Enable Contract Services: Choose the shipping methods to be enabled for the Contract Services.
Note: On enabling the Contract Services admin will not be able to use other shipping services.


Show Method If Not Applicable: Select ‘Yes’ to show error message when shipping method is not applicable.


Displayed Error Message: Enter the error message which is to be displayed in frontend when shipping method is unavailable.



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