Generate Shipment and Download Label

To generate and download labels for any order, navigate to SALES -> Orders and select the order from the list of orders. [1]


Now, click on the ‘View’ icon beside the particular order. By clicking on the ‘View’ icon you will be redirected to the ‘ORDER VIEW’ of that particular order. [2]


Thereafter generate an invoice and generate shipping for the particular order click on the ‘Invoice’ and ‘Ship’ buttons simultaneously from the detail page of that particular order.


Now to generate shipment, navigate to the ‘Australia Post Shipping’ tab and click on the ‘Generate shipment’ button from ‘ORDER VIEW’ By clicking on it if there are any errors in generating shipments it will be displayed as shown below:


Once you have corrected the address error click on ‘Generate Shipment’ to generate shipment and by generating the shipment, you will be notified with ‘Shipment has been generated to Australia Post Shipping.’ Thereafter ‘Get Shipping Label’ button will be displayed beside the ‘Generate shipment’ button. [3]


Now by clicking on the ‘Get Shipping Label’ button, the shipping label for the particular will be downloaded. [4]


Thereafter you need to submit these orders to Australia Post Shipping. Go to APPJETTY AUSTRALIA POST SHIPPING -> Submit orders Australia Post. Here, you will find the list of orders whose shipment has been generated to Australia Post Shipping and the label has been downloaded to the system. [5]


Lastly to track shipment navigate to the particular order’s details page by clicking on the ‘Information’ tab in ‘ORDER VIEW’ and clicking on the ‘Track Order’ link. [6]


By clicking on it, you can view the tracking information from the ‘Tracking Information’ window. [7]