Shipping Configuration

Click on Shipping Method Configuration to configure basic configuration of Australia Post Shipping. You can configure following configurations:


Title: Define Title which you want to get displayed in shipping method section.


Method name: Enter method name for shipping method.


API Key: Specify API Key provided by Australia Post Shipping (you can generate API key from


Calculate Handling Fee: Admin can decide handling fee type either fixed or percentage wise.


Handling Fee: Enter the Handling Fee to be added with shipping charges. If needed it can also be added per order.


Enable Cash on Delivery: Select ‘Yes’ to enable the cash on delivery charges for the shipment charges.


Enter Cash on Delivery Charges: Enter cash on delivery charges to be added with the shipment charges if cash on delivery is enabled.


Warehouse Postcode: Enter the relevant postal code from where the product gets dispatched to various destinations.
Note: For Contract Services Warehouse details will not be used instead Address details provided in the Address Configurations will be used.


Enable Prepaid Satchels Service: Select ‘Yes’ to enable the Satchels Service for the order shipments.