Display Configurations

You can add the content to display on the message with Timer and enable the button as well:


> Insert Timer content


Name: Add the relevant name for the Timer. i.e., Black Friday offers, Weekend sales, etc. 

Message Before Time: Insert an eye-catching message before the timer that can attract the customers to check the offer.

Message After Time: Insert the message after the timer.

As you insert the text message, you will get a real-time preview of how the timer would be displayed.


> Enable Button


Required Button: Enable this option to display the button on the Timer to navigate the customers to the specific web page. i.e., Offer page, Product page

Button Text: Insert the text label for the button.

Link: Insert the specific link to navigate to the customers when they click on the button.


> Timer position


Display Position: Decide the position of the Timer on all the pages either ‘Top’ or ‘Bottom’.


As you configure the button, you will get a real-time preview of how the button will be displayed.

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