SMS/WhatsApp Template

To create a SMS/WhatsApp template, click on Manage SMS/WhatsApp Template option from the survey detail page.


If the Template is not created yet or this survey is not selected in any template, the ‘warning message‘ will pop up to create a template for SMS/WhatsApp.



Note: If this survey is already selected in any Template, you will be redirected to that Template.


You insert any module inside the Content by selecting a Module (Accounts, Contacts, Users, Leads and Targets) and select that module related required Variables (Name, Description, etc.).


Select a survey from the Survey List dropdown option. By clicking on it, you will get the list of Surveys, select the Survey from it.


Insert the ‘Survey link’ by clicking on Add Survey Link button. Clicking on button, the Survey link will automatically insert inside the content.



Customize the Template as per your need and click on Save button to save the template.

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