Setup- Currency Settings

You can configure the cart page settings and notification regarding the final pricing in the default currency. You can enable the option to notify the customers that “final pricing would be processed in the default currency on the checkout page.”


By enabling this option for the customers who are on the checkout page, they will get a message saying the amount of the placed order needs to be paid in the default currency that is selected in the “Store Currency” from Shopify admin settings (General).


By enabling the “Final Pricing in the default currency” option, you need to add the message.


– Background Color: Choose the background color of the message using a custom color picker tool.


– Message: Insert a message to notify the customers regarding the Final pricing of the order that needs to pay in the default currency only. You can use the variables to display in the message.

{{$selected_currency}} and {{shop_currency}} where “selected_currency” represents the selected currency from the dropdown or automatically currency selected as per Location while “shop_currency” represents the default store currency.

After inserting the message & background color to display on the Checkout (Cart) page, click on the Save button to apply the changes to the store.

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