Setup- Manage Currency

You need to configure the settings related to currencies. You can also enable the Currency selection as per the GeoLocation of the visitors.


> Currency Formatting Setup


You must configure the Currency Formatting and need to be verified. You need to copy the HTML codes for “HTML with currency” and “ HTML Without currency” and paste it to the fields under the General Settings from the Shopify Admin.


You will get a hyperlink to your store’s General Settings. By clicking on it you will navigate to your store’s General Settings. (Screenshot-1)


You can update store-related details and address details. 


By scrolling down from the General page, you will get the Store Currencies section individually. You need to select the Store currency for the default currency of the Store. (Screenshot-2)


By clicking on the dropdown of the Store currency, you will get the list of the currencies. The selected currency will be represented as the default currency of the store and the customers need to pay for the order in that currency.


Click on the Change formatting option to update the store currency display. (Screenshot-3)


From here, you can change how currencies are displayed in your store. You can paste the HTML codes for With currency and Without currency. (Screenshot-4)


You can use the {{amount}} variable to display the converted amount in the selected currency. You can also edit the “Email with & without currency fields.


Once you edit the fields, click on the Save button to apply the changes.


> Target Currencies


Now, select the currencies to provide the selection to convert the Product’s amount into a specific currency. The currency that is selected as “Store currency” from the Shopify Admin will display as “Default” in the list. (Screenshot-5)


If your store is running in other countries, you can select those countries’ currencies by clicking on the + Add Target Currency button. 


By clicking on the + Add Target Currency button, you will get the popup named Add Target Currency.


You can select the currency where your store is running in that country. You need to check the box of the required currency. After selecting the currency, click on the Add button.
i.e., Here, the GBP- United Kingdom Pound currency is selected. (Screenshot-6)


The “search” option is also provided to search the currency by inserting the text. Once you select the country, you will get the No. of selection as well.


You can also add multiple currencies by selecting the currencies from the list. By clicking on the Add button, the currency will be added to the list of the Target Currency.
i.e., GBP- United Kingdom Pound is listed in the Target Currency.


You can Delete the single currency by clicking on the ‘delete’ icon of the specific currency or you can delete all the currencies from the list by clicking on the Delete All Currencies. (Screenshot-7)


Default Currency:


Select the “Default Currency” to convert the product rates. You can set the default currency that is added to the “Target Currencies” list. (Screenshot-8)


The product price will be displayed and converted as per the default currency in the case when the customers belong to another country that is not in the Target Currencies list.


By clicking on the “Default Currency” dropdown, you will get the list of currencies that are added to the “Target Currencies” list. (Screenshot-9)


Select the default currency from the list and click on the Save button. So, when the customers access the online store and the target currency is not in the list from where the customer belongs, they will get the product price as per default currency is selected.


> Auto-Switch By Location


If your store is running in multiple countries, you can enable the currency selection & conversion as per the location (country/region) automatically when the visitors access the store. Enable the “Allow auto switch of currencies based on location” option to switch the currency based on the location of the visitor. (Screenshot-10)


If you have enabled this option, the currency will automatically be selected, and the product amount will also be converted as per the country/region from where the visitor belongs.


Note: If you have enabled the Auto Switch By Location option from the app settings and the customers visit the store from the country that currency is not added in the ‘Target Currency’ list, in that case, the store’s default currency will be converted.


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