Time Slot Settings

Label for timeslot view table: Default label that you would want to keep for timeslot selection.


Add no. of Delivery days: Provide the no. of days for which you are going to provide delivery.


Minimum interval of hours between the order placing time and delivery time: You can add the time interval in hours which will be the minimum gap between order placing and delivery time
i.e. Customer will not be able to select the delivery time lees than the hours you have entered.


Add time slot: Admin can add the time slot in sorting order by entering the fields for “Start time”, “End time” and “Price”. You can charge extra for specific time intervals under the price.


By clicking on the Add Time Slot button, admin can add more slots as per your requirement and provide the delivery availability.


Disable time slot of day: Here you can select the “Day” and “Timeslot” which you want to disable e., customer will not be able to select that day and timeslot.


Disable time slot of particular day: You can select the “Date”, “Month”, “Year” and “Timeslot” which you want to disable.



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