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Sometimes customers want to contact you to know about the products, offers, and other queries on an immediate basis. Implementing the live chat module on the online store helps the Shopify Merchant to communicating instantly with the customers. So, you can increase sales through live chat using Facebook social media.

ShopifyCommerceXpand provides an all-in-one app solution for your online store. CommerceXpandFacebook Messenger Chat app live chat channel for your online store. You can increase sales through live chat using Facebook social media with just one click setup.

Facebook chat widget helps customers to ask their query, product details, discount offer, or anything. You can easily support the customers at any time and anywhere. Hence, build communication with the customer and turn them into loyal customers of your online store.



Key Points


Easy to integrate with your Facebook page

Select the target pages to keep in touch with customers at the right points

Customize the design and text labels of the Live Chat popup according to your online store’s theme





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