Connect with Facebook

Facebook Page Configuration


You must connect your online store with Facebook. You need to configure your store’s Facebook page by logging into the FB page.  By clicking on the Connect With Facebook button, you will get the Facebook Login popup.


You need to insert your store’s credentials and log in to Facebook.


Click on the Edit Settings button, you will get the list of the Facebook pages. 


Select your store’s page from the list and click on the Next button. You need to allow some actions for the Live Chat module to function properly.


By clicking on the Done button, you will successfully link the Live Chat module. Now, the page will be linked with the “CommerceXpand Chat” module. Click on the OK button to proceed.


By clicking on the “OK” button, you will be redirected to the CommerceXpand app page. You can see the linked page from the drop-down. You must select the page to enable the Live Chat into the online store.


After selecting the page, you will see the popup message so you don’t forget to add the whitelist domain to the Facebook page.


Now, after configuring the Facebook page settings and selecting the page, the Live Chat options will be enabled to configure.

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