Data Grid

Data Grid provides listing of records which are plotted on the map. You can perform different actions and manage the records from the Data Grid.


To view the plotted records in the data grid, click on Show Data. [1]


By clicking on Show Data, a slider will open. You can view the plotted data as per selection of Entity. In the dropdown list, you will get only those entities which are selected to plot the record on map. [2]


1) You can get the records of a specific entity by selecting the Entity View.


2) You can Search the records by inserting Name or Address.


3) The records will display as per the selection of the ‘Entity View’. [3]


4) Copy the records, export the records in a specific file (Excel/PDF) and direct print the records.


5) Perform the different actions by selecting the data grid records:

> Add Record To Route             > Change owner           > Send Email      > Add Task      > Add Appointment [4]


By clicking on View icon, that record will get opened in CRM. By clicking on Delete icon , it deletes the respective record from the CRM.


You can perform actions by selecting records within the data grid as shown below:

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