Select Entity

By clicking on the Plot, you can plot multiple records by selecting different entities. [1]


First, select Entity from the ‘Select Entity’ dropdown option. You will get the dropdown list of entities as mapped in Entity Mappings configuration. [2]


Select View from the ‘Select Entity’ dropdown option. [3]


After selection of ‘Entity’ and its ‘View’, you can Filter the attributes and plot the specific records of the selected attributes from the Filter option. [4]


By clicking on the ‘Filter’ icon, a popup will open to select the attribute of Account entity to plot the records based on the attribute selection. [5]


Note: You can plot the records on the map based on the attribute selection that are configured from the option of ‘Entity Mappings’ in the Data Filter Attributes option.


Once you have selected the Attribute, you need to insert its value. After selecting the attribute and inserting its relevant value to filter the records, click on the Save button. [6]


Now, click on Search button to plot and view the records of the selected entity on map. [7]


All the records of the ‘Accounts’ are plotted on the Map which is highlighted in the red pushpin. [8]



In this way, you can plot the records by selecting the Entity and its attribute in the View. The records will be plotted as per the filtered attributed as you have selected the Filter option for the Entity.


The multiple entities selection option is also given to plot and view the multiple records on the map.


To select another ‘Entity’, click on + Add Legend text caption. As you click on it, the “Select Entity” option will be added. [9]


Now, select another Entity and select its View then click on Search button. You can also filter the attributes of the selected entity to plot the records on the map. [10]


You can plot the records by selecting multiple entities, but you can select a maximum of 5 Entities at a time.


On the selection of more than one entity, pins with different colors get plotted based on the records of entities. On map, Accounts are plotted in red pin and Leads are plotted in green pin. [11]


If entities like Account, Contact or Lead are mapped under the ‘Entity Mappings’ configuration, only then you can select those entities and plot the records on the map.

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