Hide SEO Products App

From the CommerceXpand dashboard, you will see the different apps for different purposes to manage your online store.


If you want to hide any product from the search results from your online store, you will find the Hide SEO Products app under the “Store Protection” section. By clicking on it, you will navigate to the SEO Products tab. You can search the products and select the number of records per page.


First, you need to select the product(s) to hide from the search results. You can select multiple products if you want to hide products.


By selecting the product(s), you will see the “Bulk Actions” drop-down option. To disable the product in search results for your online store, select the Hidden option. Once you select the option, the status will be changed to Hidden. But if you want to display the product in the search results, you need to select the Visible option.

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